what we do

resume writing

A stellar resume can decrease your time between jobs, land you a dream job, or get you get that promotion you've been wanting.

Our resumes are highly targeted and customized to each client. We have developed resumes for a variety of fields, including business, technology, fashion, healthcare & science, and the arts.

interview preparation

No problem getting interviews, but having difficulty landing jobs? With interview preparation we will help you identify your areas that need improvement, and work with you to give you the practice you need to go into an interview feeling confidant.

We help clients to prepare for all types of interviews (in person, video, phone), and help clients identify the questions they will likely be asked.

online profile development

An online profile can enhance or detract from your professional image.

We work with our clients to make sure their online profiles are working for them. New to social media? We can help with that too.

job search strategies

Are you using only one method of finding potential jobs? The current job market requires utilizing multiple approaches to getting your foot in the door.

We help our clients find the best methods for finding positions in their industries and fields.